About Our Company

Celebrating over 30 years of helping providers nationwide

1st Providers Choice has developed innovative software solutions for hospitals and medical practices since 1983. Today, our EMR software for gynecologists and obstetricians is one of the leading products on the market.

Our OB/GYN EMR can be adapted to fit both client-server and cloud-based environments. It is fully certified, HIPAA-compliant, and backed by a team of dedicated health IT professionals who are experts are providing implementation assistance, software customization, training, and support services.

All of our software solutions are designed to help healthcare organizations improve patient care, streamline workflow and increase revenue. We offer multiple input methods so physicians can easily document encounters while they are with their patients, without affecting communication or workflow.

We work hard every day to simplify billing, scheduling and data entry processes for physicians so that they can continue to focus on patient care.

Join Our Team

1st Providers Choice is an Arizona-based company with primarily US-based staff. To join our team and become an OB/GYN EMR sales representative or software trainer, email us or call 480-782-1116.